About me

TL;DR: Late 20s Filipino girl with a passion for travel (that phrase is a part of the blog template I bought, yes I’m aware travel is the most overused internet keyword and hashtag since the birth of Instagram so I’ll put it here in hopes of getting clicks #KeepingItReal)



My dad introduced me to the internet in the late 90’s to help me with homework but instead I accidentally ended up “blogging” at age 11ish, when there were still 5 people on the www (aka nobody cared). I remember using the now-defunct Expage.com (duh) as my first medium and all it had was GIFs of rainbows, puppies, and ˜*WhAtEveR mY IntEreStS ArE iN StiCkY CaPs*˜.


Why did I make this blog?

Trying to give this one a go again decades later as a means to help the people who would constantly kill my Facebook Inbox asking for tips to NZ.



I’ve spent some time in Singapore starting 2013 and that allowed me to visit places more conveniently. I did a few cities during my SG stay located in *travel blogger voice: on* Japan, South Korea, Australia, United States, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand… I need to stop the list, writing that was tacky (apologies). I’ve always saved up for these travels and the bank account refractory period for the next trip was always a pain.


My favourite city

Stockholm, Sweden. Genetically-gifted people faces aside, I’m willing to move there in a heartbeat.


Where I am now

I currently reside in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s true that the human-sheep ratio is 6:1.