Tips on how to get a Philippine Working Holiday Visa slot

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated in any way with Immigration New Zealand. Everything written on this blog are personal anecdotes.

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I know. I know the anxiety behind the last few days leading up to that *day*. I remember finding out what a WHV is a month before the opening, and read every internet resource there is so I can get myself prepared. Let’s skip the 411 on this visa since there would be hundreds of detailed blogs about it. I’m here to hopefully help you get your slot. 

Note that you do NOT need to upload your personal documents right away. Once you get a slot, an Immigration Officer will send you an e-mail after a few days outlining all the requirements that needs to be scanned and sent within 15 calendar days.

  1. Create an Immigration New Zealand account
    Do it by visiting here:

  2. Prepare your personal details on a Notepad/Microsoft word etc.
    This includes your Passport info, the most important part! 

  3. Refer to blogs with screencaps of the online application form. There are a couple of blog resources for this. Google is yo besfrieeeeend! Here is my friend’s blog to take you on a step-by-step process 

  4. Recommended if you’re using your own laptop/PC: Save your VISA/Mastercard credit/debit card number into your browser for a quicker process

    Google Chrome > Settings > Payment Methods > Add
  5. Wake up a few minutes ahead of time

    I set mine at 4:55am, which gave me ample time to clean my muta, stare at the ceiling in bed to contemplate with life, and head to my personal desk.

  6. Log in at exactly 10am NZT (5am PH time)

    I was in Singapore when I applied and trust me when I say this: internet connection helps but it’s not the be-all and end-all. By default, SG has one of the best globally but I still struggled loading the website like everybody else. Just keep calm, be patient, do not double click, reload/exit anything, etc. I remember walking around the house with my laptop while waiting for the page to load to keep myself entertained. Each page load took around 30sec-1minute (there are about 6-7 pages in total if I remember correctly) based on experience.

Normally slots fill out really fast (˜5minutes, A.K.A 10:05 AM NZT), but again, be calm and do not panic. I tried my best to not cry and be patient and it did me good. Fill out the online forms as fast and as accurate as you can, note that when you see a red (!) exclamation mark, it means it’s a required field.

This message is the light at the end of the tunnel and it means that you have successfully gotten a slot. Congratulations!

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